As well as excellent hairstyling services, U4Hair offers the latest products from Morrocan Oil hair care range and De Lorenzo products.

De Lorenzo
The De Lorenzo Instant series is a range of everyday shampoo, conditioners and treatment products that are naturally based with fast acting protein derivatives designed to address everyday hair types from normal to coloured, frizzy or fine hair types.

Lisap – The Ultimate In Hair Colour
Extensive research and development go into each and every one of Lisap’s Products. Lisap Italy’s scientists are constantly spanning the globe for new and different ingredients for our products, in order to bring to the latest innovations to the market.

Lisap Laboratories use only the finest, gentlest ingredients in their formulations, assuring you that when you use Lisap Products, you can be completely confident in their performance and excellence.

Lisap Italy’s factories in Milan are Quality Certified; assuring the salon that when you use Lisap Products you are guaranteed the highest quality products available on the market today.

Morrocan Oil
This hydrating oil absorbs instantly into the hair and creates an instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving a trace of residue.

Morrocan Oil – Shampoo + Conditioner
Moroccan Oil Shampoo cleanses gently while infusing hair with agran oil, keratin, and proteins.Moroccan Oil Conditioner helps to restore moisture and repair damaged hair and is also free of sulphates.

Restorative Hair Mask is a 5-7 minute revitalizing treatment that quickly repairs hair that’s weak, damaged or color-treated. Its high-performance formula is rich in argan oil and protein to fortify and restructure hair that’s been damaged by chemical treatments or heat styling. It actually infuses protein back into the weakened hair shaft, so hair becomes stronger and more beautiful.